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The sun is our source of life and energy. Sesonal depression may be caused by the luck of a sunlight early in the morning, that is the reason for disturbances of internal biological rhythms of human being. This depression is called SAD ( Sesonal Affective Disorder).

  • 1/18 adults is exposed to winter depression.
  • 80% of people suffering from the lack of sunlight are women on average.
  • 2/3 of the sick are not aware of disordersthey suffer from

Symptoms of seasonal depression:

  • feeling of sadness, discomfort, anxiety
  • troubles with concentration
  • irritability
  • tendency to fly into a passion
  • avoidance of pleasant situations (anhedonia)
  • no motivation, loss of interests, apathy
  • inordinate appetite, especially for sweets
  • weakened sexual impulse
  • inordinate sleepiness
  • lethargy
  • feeling of hopelessness
  • increase of symptoms of before menstruation stress


The main problem of modern civilisation is that we live and work in environment where luminous flux density is about 500 lx. This dose is far too small for us to function properly. Lots of people react for this darkness very sensivitely, especially in autumn and winter. We get up at artificial light, go to work in darkness, work at the artificial light, returning home at twilight, having a rest at the light of 500 lx. As a result of that, the autumn-winter depression may take place. 

Some examples of luminous flux density that we may come across during of our life:

  • dose of sunlight during the summer walk - 100 000 lx
  • dose of antidepressive light - 2 500-10 000 lx
  • domestic lighting / work lighting - ≈ 500 lx



Phototherapy is about the everyday irradiation of eyes by the artificial bright light of parameters similar to the sunlight.  hototherapy can not be applied at the persons taking the medicines which call out hypersensitivity on the light and at people with the illnesses of the organ of the sight. The charitable influence of the light on the health is known for centuries. Ancient medicals already told their patients to return eyes in the direction of the sun.


We may successfully compensate a lack of the sun during the autumn and winter with the use of FOTOVITA antidepressive light. It emits an artificial light of parameters similar to the sunlight more powerful than a usual bulbs. The light from the usual bulbs is sufficient for our eyes to see but for our brain it means the night. Artificial light which is emitted by fluorescent lamps regulates secretion of the melatonine (the sleep hormone) and serotonine responsible for controlling of our mood.
Phototherapy has a medical and preventive qualities.

Advantages of phototeraphy with FOTOVITA:


  • prevents from winter depression
  • cures seasonal affective disorder (SAD),
  • alleviates bad moods, apathy, feeling of sadness and fear,
  • improves the quality of sleep,
  • helps with fighting bulimia
  • relieves the menstruation stress,
  • cheaper than pharmacology,
  • safe and user-friendly,
  • does not cause any side effects
  • recommended for people of any age,
  • phototherapy may be used by pregnant and women. 


Using FOTOVITA is about the everyday irradiation of the eyes by the artificial bright light of parameters similar to the sunlight.

  • Two seances will do to the supplement of the shortage of the sunlight daily - we should irradiate ourselves in the morning and at the early evening (at least two hours before the dream) about 30-60 minutes. 
  • The patient, who sits before the lamp in the distance about the 50 cm can read the book, write the letter or solve the crossword.
  •  You should begin the irradiation observing one symptoms of the seasonal depression or - in the case of of their lack - on week before the change of the tense from the summer on the winter.

The phototherapy is effective in 80 % of cases and he brings the effects quickly. One already feels allowance and the improvement of the mood after a few days of applying, sleepiness also gets smaller and the appetite stabilizes.

The irradiation of the lamp to phototherapy is very comfortable because one can apply them in home conditions. This is also painless and does not carry with oneself the danger of the scald of the skin, because lamps do not emit radiance ultra-violet. Undesirable symptoms, how irritation of the eyes or the pain of the head, they step out rarely and one gives quickly to eliminate through shortening the exposure of time and enlargement of the distance from the source of the light. Phototherapy can not be applied at the persons taking the medicines which call out hypersensitivity on the light and at people with the illnesses of the organ of the sight.



The phototherapy light is used in many offices in the Scandinavia, in the Germany by nearly 180 clinics and hospitals. First Polish phototherapy lamp FOTOVITA came into being in the Lodz and was built by engineers from ULTRAVIOL.

ULTRAVIOL has tested and certified FOTOVITA in the co-operation with physiologists and the psychiatrists of Medical Akademy L. Rydygiera in Bydgoszcz. There are three types of the FOTOVITA lamps in sale: emitting the light about intensity 9500, 5000 and 3200 lx. All possess indispensable certificates.

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